he condominium is located next to BTS station and Government center. Experiencing the condominium in Chaengwattana

Experience the private condominium living from “The Cube Boutique Ramintra 109”
Experiencing the residential style with loft style condominium that becomes very popular
Change your lifestyle to be more comfortable with the condominium in the urban area where every unit is fully furnished

Project Concept : Turn your back on every lifestyle. and choose the lifestyle that you want. Experiencing your different living

Recently, LOFT style is trendy, so you can see that coffee shops, restaurants, hotels, and residences turn to loft-style 

PLUS YOUR LIFE, fulfil all living and convenience for every journey that allowing you to experience the airy mood & comfortable space

Project Concept : If the meaning of “Condominium” for you is not just a resident, but it reflects the owners

Project Concept : With the concept of “Living is your signature” of The Cube, the new style condominium that not be only a resident

Project Concept :  Let’s make every day be a HAPPY DAY for you. Convenient transportation is the main point that connects 

The best location in the business district that comes with convenience and shorter travel time

“Happiness” in an advantageous location The Bella Condo designed modern rooms suitable for every lifestyle of the new generation 

แนวคิดโครงการ : ชีวิตเหนือระดับ กับราคาเหนือความคาดหมายเดอะ คิวบ์ พลัส มีนบุรี ความสุขของการใช้ชีวิตรูปแบบใหม่ใจกลางเมืองมีนบุรี

Project Concept : Let’s forget about your old style of living in the room, step towards to the digital age with new smart