Offers Land for sale

โซเคน ดีเวลลอปเม้นท์ กรุ๊ป

เรากำลังขยายธุรกิจ รับซื้อที่ดินจำนวนมาก ทั่วกทม.และปริมณฑล

If you do not wish to offer a land for sale via the website, you can send land information to

Business Development Department, Cube Real Property Company Limited

90 Watcharaphon Road, Tharang Subdistrict, Bang Khen District, Bangkok 10230, Thailand. Tel.089-202-8000

Required Documents

 1.A copy of the original Land Title Deed
 2.A copy of the land map sheet
3.A picture of Land
4.A map
5.A letter of Selling Price Confirmation (if any)
6.Contact details (name, phone number, email)

Land Purchase Form of Soken Development Group Co., Ltd.

Land details

Broker Information

Required documents for Land Offering (In case of having many files, please upload files at once)
1.) 1.) Copy of Land Title Deed
2.) Scanned copy of map sheet (Please do not resize with specified size A4, B4, A3)
3.) Certification of Land Boundaries from the District, Office (if any)
4.) Illustration (if any)
5.) A map (if any)
6.) A letter of Selling Price Confirmation (if any)

Agreement for Land offering of broker or agent
1. The company reserves the right not to return documents and evidence for all land offer cases.
2. The proposed land must be a land without any dispute or pending litigation.
3. If the broker cannot coordinate with the property owner, the company reserves the right to ask for disqualification from another broker in-stead.
4. The Company reserves the right to consider only completed documents submission and follow the company's regulation has set only.
5. Consideration is at the discretion of the company.
6. The registered documents are valid for 6 months only. If the deadline has expired, there will be no bindings with the Company at all.

If you have performed the following actions, the company will proceed with the Blacklist immediately.
1. Plus the price of land added from the amount that the landowner has offered for sale.
2. Land acquisition before the company by using inside or private information and selling them at a higher price.
3. Disguise the facts of the land plots.
4. Giving or using false information related to land plots to the company.
5. Impersonation of the company logo for use in contacting the landlord.
6. Offer or give bribe compensation to executives and employees of the company.
7. Other Operations as a further action in the corruption and the wrong of corporate governance to buy the company's land.

Contact Business Development Department